XRP or Ethereum: Which is best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

I don’t think I need to introduce you from the term Cryptocurrency, if you headed here than of course, you are perfectly familiar from the digital currency, past and present trends of crypto coins. 2018 was a very disappointing year for the investors unlike 2017 which was the best year for the crypto lovers. The start of 2019 also was not so good, we experienced a continuously downfall in the price of all digital currency. But the March 2019 again give a positive hope to the investors. In March 2019 BTC reached at 5k$ and other currencies are starting to get a price hike. The Ethereum and XRP come in top 3 largest cryptocurrencies, both are most popular after Bitcoin.

XRP or Ethereum: Which is best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2019
XRP or Ethereum: Which is best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

The investors are interested to invest in both currencies to see the high potential growth of both coins. here we are going to predict the upcoming price trend and maximum profit and risk of both currencies. XRP or Ethereum: Which one would be most profitable to invest in 2019?

Over last few days, cryptocurrencies got a great hike in prices like Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin Cash SV. The BTC cash got a 22% increase in the price and BTC cash SV gt more than 9% increase. So the impact of the great price increase in these currencies affecting the overall market. Every investor is looking to invest in at least one currency. As a result of this, the daily trading volume of the just reached its all-time high of more than $90 billion in twenty-four hours.
Two other digital currencies XRP and Ethereum also looking to get a high crypto bull in coming days. The Ethereum reached for a price approx $165 and the XRP priced for $0.364736. Both the currencies look profitable to invest but which is more profitable it is little difficult to find.

Between XRP and Ethereum, Which Is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019?

The price of Bitcoin increased with a rapid speed after 5 months and the impact of Bitcoin price hike affect the investment possibilities of Ethereum and XRP. Now Investors are interested in the next two big cryptocurrencies includes XRP and Ethereum. Some of the digital investors assume XRP is the best cryptocurrency but there are some security issues involved in the coin, many digital asset investors are still wondering “Is XRP security?”

Same questions arise in case of Ethereum, investors are still doubtful about the security of Ethereum. So these security questions are still issues for the price prediction of both currencies by the top investors. However, the growth of both currencies is still not stopping due to these issues.

XRP and ETH get a price hike over $0.37 and $190 as per analyst

The top cryptocurrency analyst like Tom Lee and Tim Draper are quite a pessimist for the price for XRP and ETH. Their prediction for bitcoin price 2019 is almost going to be true and the price of bitcoin is rising continuously. According to the current market condition, the price of eth will go over $190 and Ethereum price is also close to the $170 mark for now, so it will not take much time to reach $190.

XRP price will also achieve the 37 cents level soon, it is very close to the 40 cents level. So this is quite achievable for XRP this level. Both the currencies looks the best cryptocurrency to invest in It can be a little be difficult for a digital asset investor to invest in any currency in 2019. Still, you can follow the most reasonable XRP price prediction 2019 to get a better idea of the futures of the different coins.

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