Why Ethereum will not die (10 reasons)Ethereum price Prediction for upcoming months and years

Why Etherum can’t die? Why Investing in ETH is a good decisions, Will Ethereum recover your loss? Will Ethereum Price rise in coming years? Can Ethereum becomes the next Bitcoin? Ethereum Price prediction for 2018, 2019, 2024

Sudden rise and fall is the nature of Cryptocurrency. And there is no wonder if you notice the immediate rise and down in any digital currency. But if there are continuous downtime then it may be the thing of worry. Although 2018 was not the ideal year for different cryptocurrencies some coins got maximum falls in this year. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and it has shown a great downtime in the last few months.  Investors are worried and losing hope in Ethereum. Nevertheless, it is showing stability now and when we observe the data of the last few years then we come to know that there is a j-curve in the last four months. There are strong possibilities of its rise. If you are looking to invest in Ethereum but quite confused then here we conduct the Ethereum price prediction on the basis of market price and the statement of crypto experts.

Updated Ethereum Price on 28th november 2018

The Ethereum id set to priced at $112.24 on 28th November with total market cap $11,613,299,899 and circulating supply 103,468,535 ETH.

Ethereum price Prediction for next 5 years
Why Ethereum will not die? Ethereum price Prediction

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Ethereum price prediction: Reasons why Ethereum will not die

There are solid reasons which ensure the progress of this digital currency. In fact, these reasons will help you to understand the value of Ethereum. So here are the 10 causes which determine that Ethereum will not die.

94% of blockchain projects has been created on Ethereum

According to the cryptoanalyst Kevin Rooke, Ethereum is the preferred platform for the most blockchain projects. He also figured out that about 25000+ developers are currently working with Ethereum technology. This is the topmost reason for its growth.

Forthcoming developments of Ethereum

Ethereum is continuously working to improve its technology. It is expected that there will be an improvement in transaction speed. They will also charge a lower fee. Another crucial thing is the proposed block reward deduction which will lessen the supply of Ethereum. As a result, the price and demand will increase significantly.

Support from the community

Devcon 4 is the next milestone of Ethereum and the annual reunion of Ethereum community has shown a great support for this network.

  • More than 14K decentralized nodes
  • VitalikButerin is a mastermind.
  • ICOS still going higher in ETH.
  • Block reward diminishes.
  • A scaling solution will come soon.
  • Relatively lower transaction fees.
  • More and more application uses.

Ethereum price prediction 2018

There was a great downtime during the last few months but still, there are favorable forecasts for the Ethereum. It is assuming that in the upcoming months there will be a remarkable jump in Ethereum price. Crypto analyst is claiming that it will cross the $1221 limit by the end of the year. When we observe 2017 trends then we notice that it was increased by 3600% and that’s why investors are looking to invest in it. It is expected that the Ethereum price will increase drastically in the upcoming. There is a great hope that it will reach around $2500 by the end of the year.

It is not an investment suggestion it is the only prediction. But if you want to have the profitable results then you have to wait at least one year.

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Ethereum price prediction for the next 5 years

Nowadays Ethereum is valued for about $200 and 2018 had faced a huge fall in the price of Ethereum. It has reached at $1200 but after it continuously reduced. But based on different crypto market analysts there is a great potential in this digital coin and it can reach up to $5500 in the upcoming 5 years. In fact, we can predict only but can’t exactly say that where will Ethereum headed in the coming years. Check more info on the below given link:

Where is Ethereum Headed | Price Prediction For Next 5 Years

Is it worth to invest in Ethereum

It is pretty tough to say that whether you should invest in Ethereum or not? But when analyzing the technical platform and the future forecasts of Ethereum then we get a positive response. Although the Ethereum price prediction by the different crypto personalities claims for its huge growth there may be higher risk. Digital currencies are known for their volatility so nothing can be fixed. If you want to invest in Ethereum then you have to show patience and don’t afraid with sudden fall and not too excited with a sudden rise.

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Final verdict

Cryptocurrencies can give you the unexpected profit but at the same time there may be unbelievable loses also. So open up your senses before investing in the digital market. We made our Ethereum price prediction on the basis of market trends and crypto personalities and we can’t compel you to invest in any particular coin. Do your own research before going further. But when we analyze logically then Ethereum seems a fruitful investment as it offers a great Blockchain platform. More and more developers are using this tecnology for their blockchain projects. Also the improvement in transaction speed makes it prefers choice.

Still, any query regarding Ethereum price prediction then comments below and af you have any valueable suggestion for us then share with us. For more crypto updates stay connected.

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