What Is CumRocket? How To Buy New Crypto Coin, Made Famous By Elon Musk Tweet?

What Is CumRocket? How To Buy New Crypto Coin, Made Famous By Elon Musk Tweet?

It seems like whatever Elon Musk touches, turns into gold. Yes, it’s not an exaggeration as the CEO of Tesla Motors have continuously become the reason for the fluctuations happening in the crypto market. Presently, Musk has singlehandedly trended the cryptocurrency CumRocket on Twitter. This happened soon after the CEO posted a tweet that reads “Canada, USA, Mexico”. The moment he tweeted the aforementioned tweet, the netizens started to make their own theories in order to find out the real meaning behind this mysterious tweet.

However, it’s not the first time, when Elon Musk’s tweet has caused this much impact as previously, he had mentioned Bitcoin in one of his posts and caused the crypto coin to jump higher than ever. After his tweet, various investors from across the globe started taking interest in the coin and in no time, the currency became the biggest cryptocurrency in the market. Now, this Elon’s cryptic tweet has garnered the trader attention once again. They have been trying to connect the dots and among this CumRocket got famous and started getting trending on Twitter.

What is CumRocket?

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and others CumRocket is also a cryptocurrency. It was founded in April this year. If we explain this currency on a precise note, it’s a kind of defamatory token that offers a platform of adult content. In brief, it gives a marketplace for NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. CumRocekt is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace all the content creators get paid through the crypto coins only and also earn tips which are called Cummies.

The main objective of CumRocket is to provide such kind of platform where adult videos can be easily sold and purchased. Now, the interesting thing about this crypto domain is that it doesn’t require computers. As per the statements of CumRocket Whitepaper, the thing which differentiated from other crypto platforms available in the market is its restriction. It means that the domain will only allow the adults to get involved with it and thus prevents its wrong exposure among minor age group people. All the adult content videos that are circulated are 30 minutes long.

How to Buy CumRocket?

Just like Dogecoin which got huge exposure to Elon Musk tweets, CumRocekt also became within no time. The prices of this crypto coin witnessed a high bounce as the values skyrocketed by 85%. Undoubtedly, it’s a new token on the Binance Smart Chain and ever since it got popular, investors are searching for it. Now, to buy CumRocket, you can visit crypto exchanges like PancakeSwap along with its own exchange called CumSwap.

The inserting population can easily exchange their BNB tokens with the Cummies tokens. For the purchase of CumRocekt, you have to open an online account. After that, you will have to download Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Once downloading, you are allowed to make your BNB exchange with the CumRocket coins named Cummies. By following these above-mentioned steps, the newcomers or any person can make their purchase successful.

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