What Are Crypto AI Coins? Check Top AI Coins Prices & Other Details

What Are Crypto AI Coins? Check Top AI Coins Prices & Other Details

In the modern time when the cryptocurrency market is dooming, every individual desire to trade and gain some profit. To begin the trading, there are plenty of digital currencies where Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Cardano are some examples. Well, everyone is aware of these mentioned cryptos but have you heard about Crypto AI Coins? No? Well, then you have come to the right place as here we will be explaining these coins along with some of the top Crypto AI Coins.

What are AI Coins?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is the foundation of these coins. Their formation surfaces around artificial technology and there are numerous coins that follow similar technology. The trade analysts have stated that these coins can dominate the existing currencies in future and investing in them might come as a good decision you will make. However, these are only assumptions and no surety can be given regarding the success in upcoming years.

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, it’s not something new as it has been in use for quite some time. Its best use is visible in self-driving cars while they are used in defeating exceptional chess players as well. Some crypto experts have highlighted that the future coins will be based on robotics and virtual reality. Now, let’s learn about these crypto coins based on artificial technology.


A company named Hedge fund company numeral has introduced this Numeraire cryptocurrency. These coins help the researchers to predict commercial models utilizing encrypted data. Whereas, they are based entirely on cryptography, AI, and machine learning. All these segments play a crucial and selective part in the formation of these coins. They all help Numeraire in being the best source of finance along with the security and safety of the users’ respective data. The current price of Numeraire is US$51.24.


SingularityNET is a marketplace that is controlled by several people rather than controlled by only one particular group. It is called being decentralized in crypto terms. Now, what exactly this platform gives to the users. It provides them with a platform or the only platform that allows any AIs to actively participate and expedite at any possible range. So, in short, anyone can buy or sell the respective AI. Be it the organizers or any other developer, anyone is permitted to utilize the platform. Their current market price is US$0.2580215.

DeepBrain Chain:

DeepBrain Chain is also known as DBC and is a kind of platform based on blockchain. Basically, the platform permits the scientists and the researchers of AI a safe platform and a private trustable framework that can completely be trusted. Other than that, it works as a decentralised neural network that helps the users with their high cost regarding the processing. At present, their price is US$0.0120703.

Ocean Protocol

It is an open-source protocol utilizing which both the users such as investors or businessman to exchange any data or data services. Ocean Protocol basically works as a connection that helps the active users with their respective coins transactions and connects several parties involved with these transactions. Mainly for AI, it comes with a piece of unlocking information. Talking about its current price, it stands at US$0.67165

Apart from these AI Coins, there are plenty of others as well including Velas, Cortex, Fetch, Prometeus Network, Project PAI, GNY and many more. All of these have unique specifications and has some functions that separate these from one another. Other than that, there is a price difference among them either as some of these coins stand at higher values while others are at a very low price in the market.

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