Want To Trade Dogecoin? Check The Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Want To Trade Dogecoin Check The Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Dogecoin has joined the category of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, Dogecoin is the digital currency whose price escalated quickly in no time. It has managed to secure itself among the top virtual currencies in the crypto market. The major reason why this cryptocurrency so much exposure is the set of tweets from Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors. He has single-handedly influenced the trader around the world to invest in the coins. As of now, numerous amount of people invest in these coins while some struggle to find out the best cryptocurrency apps for trading Dogecoin.

Well, we have solved your very issue as we are providing you with all the crucial information on the popular coin along with the best options where you can opt for Dogecoin. In 2013, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer had founded these coins whose mascot was a Dog. It was based on the Shiba Inu Japanese dog breed which is popular as the meme dog. It was created as a joke. However, the meme coin began to attract traders and soon the prices began to increase.

Top Cryptocurrency Apps To Trade Dogecoin:

Presently, like other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin also witnessed extreme fluctuations with sudden ups and downs in its prices. At the beginning of April, the value of Dogecoin increased thrice which garnered a lot of attention from the traders all around. They started searching on how to buy Dogecoin and which are the best cryptocurrency apps for trading Dogecoin. Even now, there are users who are confused about the same. So, if you belong to those people’s list, have a look at the list of best cryptocurrency apps for buying Dogecoin here.


This cryptocurrency app remains at the top of the list due to its low trading fees. It only charges between 0% to 0.26% and consist of around 60 cryptocurrencies for all the traders or investors in the US and across the globe. Apart from providing access to dogecoin, the app also features margin trading, over the counter (OTC) trading which involves a group of markets. Other than that it also features future trading and other crypto services. Besides, Kraken also educates the newcomers about trading as to how to buy bitcoin and other crypto coins. At last, it provides its users with a staking reward as well.


Binance offers a large set of cryptocurrencies for trading that include dogecoin, bitcoin and other popular crypto coins. More than 50 digital coins are offered by this app. Following Kraken, Binance also gives staking rewards along with offering OTC trading and additional trading options for institutional customers. To begin an account, the users will only have to pay $10 and after that, they have to spend 0.1% to 0.5%. The charges totally depend on the speed of your trading. Though the app is restricted in some of the countries such as New York, Hawaii, Texas, Connecticut, or Louisiana.


The best thing about this app is that it provides an easy platform for newcomers or beginners. Along with educating them about the world of cryptocurrency, it helps them to match their respective portfolios with advanced crypto traders. About education, it gives users a written investing guides and contains an eToro Trading which guides the beginners through tutorials on crypto buying & selling. The minimum charge to open an account requires $50 while $25 to trade. Though, the reason it doesn’t stand out as much as the aforementioned apps are that it only around 16 cryptocurrencies for trading.

Some other best cryptocurrencies apps include Bittrex, Gemini, Voyager, Webull, Crypto.com, Changelly, and Robinhood. The traders can compare all of these apps and choose the app that fits their requirement. Get the latest details on the cryptocurrency Dogecoin having a market cap of approx $44.8 billion on our site.

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