STR Capital Review – A Trustworthy Broker For Your Forex and Crypto Trading Needs

Due to the unstable economy in this dispensation, making more investments with just a steam of income can be a difficult thing to do. Unfortunately, a whole lot of people proceed to using their credit card just to achieve more within in life. At the end of day, they end up accumulating more debt, thus bringing about an unhealthy financial life. Do you wish to increase your total monthly income or avoid resorting to credit cards and other credit options, why don’t you try trading?

Trading might be your life saver once you’ve made your mind to do it. Although it might seem a but hard to get used to the financial market, there are platforms that let trading easy for a starter. Do you even know that you might not need a huge summary to start trading just in case you are afraid of putting in much. Nevertheless, it is important to know that you chances of success at trading will depend majorly on the broker you choose.

Now, we have countless numbers of brokers online that let you trade from the convenience of your home while many of them have only set out to deceive traders with baseless benefits. On the other hand, they concentrate on putting forth features that will only benefit them at the end of the day. Eventually, you as a trader will lose all the money invested while they have all your money with them. It feels really frustrating to see one investing money and someone else on the other end is getting rich.

How then do we respond to such a problem? We’ll only have resort to looking for the most reliable brokers available. However, the issue with many of these reliable brokers is that they provided you with an extremely safe approach. Very well, they offer your money and information about the necessary protection, but they are protective of everything. Thus, making them unable to provide you any options that allow you to earn a huge amount of money in the long run. They try to play it safe, and with that, the leverages they provide you come out to be small. After the whole situation, you begin to contemplate whether you can ever make huge gains while trading safely.

This is where a broker like STR Capital comes in. STR Capital has set out to offer as many trades as possible with just about anything that they need to trade successfully. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert trader, all its interface is completely friendly. Let’s go on ahead to see what this broker has in store and why it’s without a doubt the best broker out there to make a whole lot of money safely.

Below is a review of the STR Capital platform to help you make a smart investment decision and ascertain if it is suitable for your investment needs.


Broker STR Capital
Trading instruments Forex (Major and Minor), Cryptos, Stocks, currency, Indices, Commodities, indices and spot Metals
Trading accounts Basic account, Silver Account, Gold Account, Platimum, Diamond account.
Minimum deposit $250
Customer support 24/5 working days via email
Trading tools Economic Calendar, Risk Management, Traders’ Guide, Rating of Central Banks, News Feed, Currency Converter, Forex Converter, and Financial Calendar
Trading platforms Web trader, Mobile Trader, iOS App, and Android app
Security SSL encryption tool and Anti-Money Laundering policy
Welcome bonus Available
Demo account N/A

If there’s one thing that’s unique about STR Capital, it is the fact that it is a CFD broker. The full meaning of CFD is ‘contracts for differences’. One reason why this CDD trading has become a popular pick is that traders can easily work their way up to earning a high level of leverage. This leverage is generated as a result of the broker’s additional contribution. Now, you have no choice but to give the STR Capital a five stars. This platform has emerged the financial market with one of the best leverage any trader can ever imagine despite the fact that many of the users are still new to the financial market.

Regardless of whether you want to trade the popular forex currency pairs or cryptocurrencies, you won’t be disappointed by this broker. You will also discover at the end of the day it’s pretty easy to make a whole lot of money with this broker.

Their products are pretty easy to trade once you have the leverage option. Nevertheless, it is important to put at the back of your mind that it is possible that this leverage can, in a way cost you a lot of time. Besides, you should know that amplifying your chances of winning big can, on the other hand rause your chance of losing on the long run.

One brilliant feature of the STR Capital that makes this platform remain on top of its game is its user-friendly interface. I bet new traders will easily get their way around the platform. This broker understands that seeing all sorts of illustrations, graphs, charts and so on can feel overwhelming for a nice. This is why every part of the platform is thoughtfully built so that everyone won’t find it difficult to start trading.

The intricacies are usually experienced with common trading software should be concentrated basically on the back end. The platform must be user-friendly. The Blix platform has gained a lot of credit for its intuitive designed and uniquely incorporated features to improve users’ experience. It is no doubt a completely designed platform, to begin with. Users can comfortably trade for a very long time- thanks to its simplicity and uniqueness.

You’ll love to see hoe the infographics and charts are thoughtfully displayed so that traders easily navigate what they need and proceed with trading in no time. No trader wants to experience issues with logging into their account. Besides, having easy access to where specific data is what everyone user looks out for. The STR Capital offers these and even more.

Different levels of trading accounts are for traders and investors on this broker’s platform. All the different trading levels are there to suit every trader based on their experience level – from beginners to expert traders.

Aside from the potential profits, you are expected to get as you trade using this platform, this broker also offers fresh traders with a welcome bonus as soon as they make their first deposit.



STR Capital is known for providing quick and satisfactory responses to users in the nick of time. They have highly professional support teams in terms of rendering prompt assistance to customers.

In case of any issues with your account, the support team is right there to give the necessary support.

Regardless of the issues any trader may be facing, the customer support team is well trained to offer you with accurate solutions anyone can work with. The support team already understands the dynamics of the market towards proffering needful and on-time assistance. The customer care team is available 24 hours a day and five days a week through email.


The STR Capital comes with as many trading assets databases as possible to enable traders to create a perfectly balanced portfolio. No wonder this broker is one of the best trading channels online presently. Every trader on this broker’s platform can easily choose any of the assets or combine them. Some of the most commonly used assets include indices, commodities, stocks, shares, metals, cryptos, and so on. The countless numbers of assets available on the platform allow both investors and traders to find what they need to bring about a steady portfolio.


STR Capital also offers all the necessary trading tools and signals that will ultimately provide timely aids to the traders. These tools and signals will definitely help every trader (whether novice or expert) to take advantage of any trading chance in the market.

Every trader is entitled to receive signals from the STR Capital analyst’s team to offer users with actual lucrative trading trends in the financial market. Traders are open to see what the current market trend and pattern is via the articles and news from the broker’s analyst team.


A larger percentage of brokerages can only provide users with three standard options, but STR Capital has gone a step ahead of its competition to provide five custom account options to suit different traders.

Basic Account

This basic account gives 10% leverage and you only need a minimum deposit of EUR 500. And it goes all to way up to a maximum investment of EUR 2,500. This type of account provides you with trading alerts, advanced charts, and part-time access to some very effective educational manuals.

Silver Account

The Silver Account comes with a minimum deposit of EUR 2,500 and a maximum of EUR 10,000 depending on how much you want to risk. With this account, you’ll get 20% leverage and other basic bonuses as the basic account. This account type allows you to attend sessions only twice a week and customer service support is available 24/5.

Gold Account

This is otherwise referred to as a premium account with its minimum deposit of EUR 10,000 and a maximum investment of EUR 50,000. This account provides you with 30% leverage.

It’s a little different from the previously mentioned accounts as you can get access to the complete educational materials and webinars. You’ll also get exclusive updates alongside trading alerts.

Platinum Account

All of the features related to the previous accounts applies to this too. What makes this account type different is its minimum and maximum deposit which are EUR 50,000 and EUR 250,000 respectively.

You can get endless trading sessions through this account and the loyalty bonus and leverage is increased to 40% with this type of account.

Diamond Account

The Diamond account is best suited for VIP traders who will be investing a huge sum of money. Minimum investment does not go below EUR 250,000 and you can deposit as much as you want, depending on your preference. This will make a good pick for traders who are not afraid to take risks. It allows traders to access all the assigned account managers. The leverage and loyalty bonus comes at 50%


We would like to let you know that every platform through which this broker can be accessed is really worth it with its brilliant and simple interface. Let’s see why this trading platform is uniquely different from other common ones. This broker isbsuch that allows you to download their platform on your desktop computer and even on your internet-enabled mobile phones. Secondly, this broker lets you trade conveniently from every corner of the universe. You can download the soft on your device and start trading on the go.

Another thing you’ll love about this platform is that it features a web trader that can be used on any operating system you have on your pc or your personality trading device. Since this compatible with virtually any operating system, then you can trade it on every major browser available with you.

STR Capital offers different platforms to start trading with. Besides, these platforms are packed with brilliant tools that will help achieve a comfortable trading all day long.

Web Trader: The STR Capital platform also is equipped with unique trading technology. The broker prides itself on innovation with a multi-platform solution and unique features that give trading a dynamic twist. The web trader comes easy to use and accessible from any internet-enabled mobile phone.

One brilliant benefit of trading with its web-based platform is that it allows traders to access it from different parts of the world with little or limitations. It’s built also comfortably adapts to a traders’ needs.

Mobile Traders: This broker has built a mobile app that is designed a unique interface and also the functionality which looks like the desktop version. The trading platform gives traders access to complete trading tools and the performance of a trading app. The mobile trader of the STR Capital is available to both android users and also iPhone (iOS).


This trading platform is equipped with a secured encryption tool to make your information inaccessible to unauthorized persons. This tool is automatically initiated once you sign up. With this framework, your information is guarded against any form of internet theft. This broker is absolutely a safe platform to consider.

Besides, the broker also features an anti-money laundering policy. This policy lets the STR Capital quickly protect your account from falling into the hands of money lauders.


STR Capital is an easy and user-friendly platform to use. This trading platform has invested a lot of time and resources and research to make their users experience smooth and painless trade. It’s no doubt a platform made for everyone who wants to step up their stream of income.

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