Norton 360 Antivirus Software Offers Users To Mine Ethereum Cryptocurrency Safely

Norton 360 Antivirus Software Offers Users To Mine Ethereum Cryptocurrency Safely

Crypto mining has become an essential part of all the investors’ life who owns or desire to own any cryptocurrency. Though, mining includes the users compromising with their account safety and security. Taking the same into consideration, the makers of Norton antivirus software appeared with an exceptional idea. They have created an application that would provide the users’ safety along with ease to mine the crypto coins they wish to. Norton 360 will include crypto mining in its products.

Norton 360 Antivirus Availability:

Norton 360 antivirus will now allow the users to easily mine Ethereum that is the second valuable currency after Bitcoin on their respective computers or laptops. However, Norton Crypto, the latest feature will not be available for everyone as only a considerable section of people could benefit from this facility. With time, the antivirus will let the maximum number of customers mine cryptocurrency Ethereum. Talking about Ethereum mining, to receive one single coin there must be high-end computing hardware that eventually enhances the possibilities to obtain a coin.

Norton Crypto Wallet:

Some screenshots of the software have been shared that shows that the antivirus will support numerous miners contributing their bit and in the end, all of these miners who had contributed their computing power will receive an award. In short, whoever contributes the most will become the receiver of a lavishing reward. Now, there is a cloud-based wallet known as Norton Crypto Wallet to store these earned coins or the ones you get from mining,

Talking about the new Norton 360 antivirus, Norton stated that they have witnessed a large number of users jeopardising the search for any cryptocurrency. They continued that the users would have to disable the security option so that they can easily mine the coins while popping up some unvetted code was also common. However, some crypto experts are opposing Norton’s ideas stating that Ethereum mining is itself a difficult task to perform.

Crypto Experts Oppose Norton’s Plan:

The experts have brought attention to the consumption of energy during crypto mining. The maximum amount of energy is produced by harmful fossil fuels which is a topic of concern. As per the reports of TRG Datacentres, Eteherum being the second most valuable digital currency holds the same position in energy consumption. It absorbs approx 62.56 Kilowatt-hour (kWh) power on every single transaction.

Unlike Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency Ripple only consumes 0.0079 kWh. The experts have highlighted that Norton missed these concerns completely while creating that antivirus application. Other than this aforementioned issue, the users have to pay tax whenever they earn from cryptocurrencies. These are established in countries like the US. Thus using the antivirus software would definitely help you earn good but you might have to be involved with some paperwork.

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