Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Why Ethereum is better than Bitcoin?

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: which is going to be the most profitable cryptocurrency of 2019

If you are looking to invest in the digital market then probably you will notice all the aspects of different cryptocurrencies. Although there are numerous coins when we observe the top ten digital currency then we found two currencies on the top Bitcoin and Ethereum. But now the problem is which one is a good option to invest? When we observe all the two then there are lots of differences which makes them differ. Nowadays many people are going to invest in Ethereum but the question is that what are the aspects which consider Ethereum a better option than Bitcoin. It is pretty tough to compare two cryptocurrencies. If you are facing such issue then here in Ethereum vs Bitcoin we analyze both and find out their specialties.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: best cryptocurrency
Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Why Ethereum is better than Bitcoin?

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Introduction

Analyzing any cryptocurrency is a headache but don’t take tension by the end of the article you will easily get to know which one is better. You will get all your answer like who is the winner Bitcoin or Ethereum? You should invest in Bitcoin or in Ethereum?

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Basics

Before going further we must have an understanding of both currencies so here is a comparative analysis of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. There is a visible difference between the features of both coins. As we know that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency which was launched in 2009. It is a digital currency and its main motive to solve the problems which occur in global finance. You can convert it with fiat currencies.

On the other hand, Ethereum was launched in 2015. Basically, it is a blockchain platform which offers the smart contract for transactions. In fact, the smart contracts of Ethereum have decreased the requirement of third parties. The currency of Ethereum is called Ether which is used to power up the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Investment

In fact, Bitcoin and Ethereum are not rivals of each other. Their goal is different from each other. Bitcoin is developed for making payments or transactions easier whereas Ethereum gives a platform to develop smart contracts. Curent value of both is low and it is really tough to say that which one is better to invest. When we compare the technical aspects of both then Ethereum is ahead as it offers a programming language and also gives a faster transaction experience when compared with Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is on number one rank Ethereum technology is most widely adopted. There are great chances of the growth of Ethereum.

I can’t definitely suggest you invest in any currency but when we observe the technology of both platforms then Ethereum wins the race.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: which is better to invest
Ethereum vs Bitcoin: difference

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Coin supply

Now take a look at the coin supply of both platforms. Bitcoin has a limited supply which is of 21,000,000 which is good for a store of worth. Whereas Ethereum has no limit. Ether is continuously producing but the supply of this coin will slow down drastically anyway. Moreover, the founder of Ethereum has said that the total number of coins will not cross the limit of 100,000,000 in upcoming years.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Uses

There is a great difference between the uses of Ethereum and Bitcoins. As you know Bitcoin is a true digital currency and you can utilize it to send or receive money. You can buy goods with Bitcoin on many famous sites like, Tesla etc. Bitcoin is also used to invest money and you can invest in Bitcoin for long-term or short-term like other touchable coins.

On the other hand, Ethereum is not so famous for buying goods. Usually, Ethereum technology is used by the developers to create applications for smoothing transactions on the blockchain. The value of Ethereum will increase with the increasing number of apps build on it. I think Ethereum is most useful than Bitcoin.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Transactions

There is also a difference between the transactions of both currencies. In Bitcoin, all the transactions take place manually whereas in Ethereum transactions are done automatically and more programmable. One more thing which makes Ethereum superior is the transaction time. When you transect trough Ethereum it completes within seconds and in Bitcoin it consumes minutes.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Mining

Now discuss another key difference between the two, mining. Ethereum offers you a cleaner and faster experience as it is based on better technology. Bitcoin technology consumes more time to complete each block when compared to Ethereum. When you utilize Bitcoin time then it will take 10 minutes to create one block. On the other hand, when you use Ethereum technology it will consume only 14 seconds to create one block. Now you can assume the difference in mining on both platforms. Also, Ethereum gives you better technology so it is easy to mine with Ethereum.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Transaction fees

Transaction fees matter a lot and also the noticeable point when adopting any technology. Here is also Ethereum leads because it offers you the lower transaction fees when compared with Bitcoin. It is reported that the transaction fees of BTC are up to 40% of the transaction block value. On the other hand, Ethereum charges up to 10% of the  ETH block value.

Final verdict

Folks, you are mature enough and I don’t need to consider superior more than the other. After analyzing the above facts the result is clear which proves that the Ethereum is far better than the Bitcoin. More and more industries are adopting Ethereum technology and there are huge chances its growth in the future. If you are looking to invest then Ethereum is a better option than the Bitcoin. Ethereum provides you larger benefits and also the emerging coin because of its smart contracts and better technology. There is also a higher security factor to invest in Ethereum as it promotes decentralized applications.

Still, any query regarding Ethereum vs Bitcoin then comments below and if you want to discuss any factor which I have missed then you are always welcomed. For more latest updates please stay connected.


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