Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Will ETH touch $1000 this year?

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: How high or low will ETH go by end of 2019? Can it reach $1000? ETH price forecast March 2019 (Cryptocurrency news today)

Will Ethereum cross $ 1000 mark by the end of 2019? Will you get a great ROI if you invest in Ethereum? Will it repeat the last year performance this year? If you are looking to invest in the 2nd largest currency of the digital market and all the question are striking in your mind then you have landed at the exact page. Let’s start our Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 to get the appropriate answer to all your queries.

2018 was not a good year for Crypto investor and there was a huge fall in the price of top cryptocurrencies and Ethereum dropped down by 76% in 2018. But this year investors have a positive attitude towards the coins and they are looking to invest in Ethereum. Will Ethereum grow in the upcoming months? Should you invest in Ethereum? So let’s observe the post find out whether you should go for it or not.

Ethereum Price Prediction: Reasons for driving the growth of Ethereum
Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Will ETH touch $1000 this year?

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency based on the market cap and it was introduced by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum is one of the best Blockchain platforms where various cryptocurrencies exist. Ethereum also offers smart contracts to the developers which makes it an ideal platforms. But the coin is continuously going down so the investors are surprised and compel to think  where is Ethereum headed

Ethereum price, total demand, and supply today

Ethereum Price $138.38 USD
Market Rank #2
Market Cap $14,546,810,444 USD
24h Volume $5,015,956,064 USD
Circulating Supply 105,123,915 ETH
Total Supply 105,123,915 ETH

Ethereum Price Prediction March 2019: Will Eteherum touch $ 1000 mark in 2019

Many crypto experts and exchanges are predicting a very favorable growth in the price of Ethereum. One of the chief reason behind their predictions is Ethereum’s blockchain technology with secures the number one position among all. According to rumors, Ethereum is going to launch the Proof Of Stake with which users will grab their interest by using Ethereum for valid transactions. And if Ethereum miners use the Proof Of stake then they need to spend more electricity and hardware that demands a higher reward for the service.

Nowadays Ethereum is also in great demand in such areas as decentralized control, digital asset storage and decentralized etc. If the Ethereum will diminish its downsides like high transactions fees, lower user-experience then we can expect that it can predict a great boost in its value. According to the Coinswitch Ethereum can reach $ 1400 by the end of 2019.

Ethereum Price Prediction: Reasons for driving the growth of Ethereum

There is a simple logic behind the growth of ETH as higher its platform is utilized as higher it’s token’s price will go. And you know Ethereum blockchain platform is widely used that’s why there are great chances of the remarkable rise of the ETH. When we analyze the market cap of Ethereum we observe that it is 2nd highest currency in the crypto market. Moreover, in the last few days, Ethereum has shown a constant rise so investors are looking to invest in the Ethereum. There are three main reasons which claim that Ethereum will not die and it will get huge growth in 2019 and upcoming years:

  • Ethereum is not just a coin to invest but it is more than it. Ethereum’s smart contracts got mass adoption by the decentralized applications and ICOs.
  • Nevertheless, the developers of Ethereum are going to launch new technologies such as Proof Of Stake and GAS burning.
  • One of the most favorable cause is that Etereum has support from various financial organizations.

Apart from these reasons buoyant market tendency also responsible for the growth of Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Should you invest in Eteherum or not

While assuming the price of any coin we can’t deny the volatility of the digital market. There may be sudden rush or fall in any coin but on the basis of technical analysis and capitalization, Ethereum is showing potential. There are so many technical enhancements and the blockchain platform got the mass adoption that’s why Ethereum may reach at the $ 1000 by the closing of the year. We can predict only but can’t say exactly how much Ethereum will grow so do your own research first before investing in Ethereum.

Concluding lines

Ethereum will restore its previous position or not? I think now you can decide whether you should invest in Ethereum or not. But don’t invest in any coin without your own research. There may be anything happen in the crypto market and you are responsible for your own if you get any major loss. When we analyze the Blockchain platform of Ethereum then it seems a pretty good deal to invest in Ethereum and crypto experts are also considering it a good deal. But on the other hand, nothing is fixed in the crypto market so it may be risky also.

Still, any query regarding Ethereum Price prediction then let me know below in the comment section. Also, tell us what do you think about Ethereum. But don’t forget to bookmark our site for more crypto dates.


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