Coinbase And Coinbase Pro Explained: Crypto Exchange Platforms Charges & Details

Coinbase And Coinbase Pro Explained: Crypto Excange Platforms Charges & Details

In the past few years, the cryptocurrency market witnessed rapid growth. From attracting newcomers to making investors trade in the coins more than earlier, the market saw everything. These digital currencies have become the major source of income for some as continuously the values of some coins are reaching the sky. Although, there was a time, precisely in May when one of the biggest coins in the market Bitcoin’s value dropped to its lowest. Well, it’s a format of the market which consists of ups and downs.

Now, with the growth of interest, comes the confusion to use the cryptocurrencies exchange platforms. We will talk about such exchange platforms as Coinbase and Coinbase Pro and will compare these two. Though before comparing the said platforms, let’s find out some information about these first along with the trading platforms respective charges on any transaction.

 Coinbase & Coinbase Pro: Explained

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are crypto exchange platforms and were founded in 2012. The trading platforms are presently owned by Coinbase Global Inc. Although, the platforms are owned by the same company, there is a difference in their characteristics. The founders have kept the variation of crypto users in mind and have come up with these exchange platforms.

As clear with their respective titles, Coinbase Pro is a modernized version of Coinbase. Where Coinbase has been made keeping the concern of newcomers, the Coinbase Pro differs from it in terms of its advanced features. The usage of this exchange is quite difficult as compared to Coinbase. The users can easily operate Coinbase while they have to learn the application of the Pro version to use it as a platform first.

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro Charges:

Despite having some extremely advanced features and specifications, Coinbase Pro charges comparatively less than Coinbase. Yes, the crypto users have to pay 0.50% on their every trade-in Coinbase while the Pro version’s fees lie within 0% to 0.50%. The charges depend on other factors as well such as the amount you will spend to purchase particular crypto. If a user will use their credit card to make the purchase, then Coinbase will charge you 3.99%. For using Coin wallet, 1.49% is the fees.

However, there are no such requirements for creating different accounts for the trading platforms. A user having one single account can easily operate these crypto exchanges. Having no additional fees for using Coinbase Pro is another beneficial thing.  Moreover, if you belong to the US then you must have to submit your SSN or other identity proofs. For other countries, the requirements vary as well.

Coinbase Adds Dogecoin?

Apart from the comparison, it is surfacing that soon Coinbase will add the fastest emerging cryptocurrency Dogecoin to its platform. The company announced that the news is official as they are planning this amazing addition very soon. For those unaware, the Dogecoin traders were urging Coinbase to list the meme coin into it. After this announcement, the Dogecoin prices witnessed a huge spike. Its value rose to 20% within 24 hours and brought a ruckus in the crypto market again.

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