Today’s Prices Of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Top Cryptocurrencies, Google Modifies Its Ad Policy

Today's Prices Of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Top Cryptocurrencies, Google Modifies Its Ad Policy

It’s no suspicion that China’s crackdown has been affecting the prices of cryptocurrencies to a great extent. Be it the biggest crypto coin in the world Bitcoin or any other currency in the market, the values are getting affected a lot. Another side, the CEO of Tesla Motors’s continuous tweets are also influencing the crypto market on an advanced level. So, the investors or the newcomers who are keen to find out about today’s cryptocurrencies’ prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currency, get a quick update from this article.

Today’s Cryptocurrencies Prices:

On June 7, the entire crypto market witnessed a swing of around 1.54 per cent as compared to the previous day to $1.66 trillion. Today, most digital currencies are trading in green. Talking about Bitcoin aka the largest crypto coin in the world, its price went up to 1.2 per cent. It was trading at 36,633.75. From the past few days, these digital currencies are not experiencing any major downfall after the extreme market crash in May. It has resulted in the coins losing their values to another extent. However, the prices after that crash have been consistent and didn’t drop that much.

Google Modifies its Advertising Policy:

Observing the volume of the total crypto market in the past 24 hours, it’s around $79.70 billion. Although, the value surely dropped 22.07% from the previous day. Another side, the total value of all the existing crypto coins are standing at 77.04 per cent. Apart from the cryptocurrencies’ price, Google has introduced a slender change in its existing advertising policy. As per the modifications, Google will accept the advertisements of any cryptocurrency exchange along with digital wallets. These changes will begin to implement from August 3.

However, this new policy will only apply to the consumers having crypto wallets in the US. Though the advertisements are included in the list from across the globe. Tech Giant has updated the users through one of his blog posts. It has stated that the new modification policies will begin to implement in the coming August. Now, what are the requirements to benefit this new facility from Google?

Requirements & Other Details:

Well, the users having a Crypto wallet must have to register their respective wallets with FinCEN and central or other state-chartered banks. Thus, the entire cryptocurrency exchange certification will begin on August 3, 2021. The application form of Google will be posted on July 8, 2021. Continuing the discussion of the cryptocurrency prices of June 7, 2021, Ethereum is currently standing at $2,700. Comparing the values from the past month, there are not many fluctuations.

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, the other popular virtual currencies are also securing a safe place in terms of prices. The crypto coins such as Dogecoin, Polkadot, Cardano, Litecoin, have been witnessing unexpected stability in the crypto market. Dogecoin’s market volume within 24 hours is $1.73 million while Cardano’s volume was $2.57 million.

Their prices in US Dollar are 0.344779 and 1.72 respectively. Other crypto coins are also at a stable rate and after the crash the crypto market faced in May, the investors are feeling relieved. The newcomers who have been planning to trade can think about the decision considering the stability of the cryptocurrencies from the past weeks.

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