Best IOTA Wallets 2019 for android, IOS: Beginners guide

Bitcoin is the initial digital coin and after its popularity, lots of new altcoins came into limelight. IOTA is one of them and the token is listed in the top 20 cryptocurrencies based on the market cap. this token is based on Tangle and you can say it the perfect alternative of Blockchain technology. The chief motive of IOTA is offering an infrastructure to allow transactions between devices “Internet of things”. If you are looking to invest in IOTA then you must require a safe wallet for storing your assets. Nevertheless, there are few wallets available which are compatible with IOTA but here I have listed best IOTA Wallets to safeguard your holdings.

Before choosing IOTA Wallet there are few factors which must be considered. So let’s begin our discussion and come to know about the best Wallets for IOTA and also learn what are the elements which make a particular wallet an ideal one.

Best IOTA Wallets 2019 for android, IOS: Beginners guide
Best IOTA Wallets 2019: Store your holdings with more security

Things to consider before choosing an IOTA Wallet


Before going for a wallet you must cross-check its security level. Make sure does the wallet offers two-factor authentification or giving cold storage.

Ease of use

It is a pretty confusing task to send, receive and store any cryptocurrency so before selecting a wallet you must confirm that it must contain an easy to use interface. So that you can make transactions with more ease and understanding.

Supported coins

Also, check whether the wallet is compatible with other digital coins or it supports only IOTA.

Backup option

It is the most important factor to which you can’t ignore. You must check whether you can generate a back up of your private keys or not. If you are able to do so then you can recover your funds in case you are not able to access your wallet.

Customer support

Another notable thing before choosing the wallet for your holdings is its customer support. You have to do proper research about the reputation of the team behind the wallet to confirm whether the wallet is developed or not. Also, check do you able to access customer support or not.

I think now you are aware of all the factors which make a wallet a perfect one. So let’s check IOTA wallets listed here to adopt the best one for your IOTA tokens.

Best IOTA Wallets 2019: Store your holdings with more security

1.GUI Light Wallet: Good choice for newbies

GUI light wallet is included in IOTA’s graphical user interface and it permits you the quick access to your holdings. First, you have to download the wallet and then confirm whether you want to operate a full node or the light one. If you are a newbie then the light node is the best for you. GUI offers you a simple set up and allows you to integrate with a public node. This wallet is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. Nevertheless, user-friendliness is missing in this wallet as you may get confused between the light node and full node setup process.

2.Nostalgia Light Wallet: Fact Access

If you want to utilize your PC to run a full node then here is a good pick for you, Nostalgia Light Wallet. You can easily customize your Nostalgia code to integrate it to a server on which IOTA is running. For this purpose, you can utilize Text Wrangler software. This wallet supports Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems and also offers you great security features. But one drawback of this wallet is its complexity to use and it is not perfect for beginners.

3.IOTA Wallet for Android: Lots of conveniences

Another wallet listed in our best IOTA wallets is official IOTA Wallet for Android. Indeed this one offers you plenty of conveniences as it is a mobile wallet. You just require to download the app and after it, you are ready to convey, receive and store IOTA token from wallet to wallet. But the wallet is still in beta version so there are lots of complaints against this. QR Code support, seed generator, password generator, and efficiency to observe your current IOTA balance are its main features. Live tangle explorer with search functionality is also added.

4.Guarda Wallet: Most reliable one

The initial wallet which is compatible with multiple digital coins including IOTA, BTC, ETH, and other altcoins is Guarda. Guarda wallet is one of the best IOTA wallets for Android users because of its security and reliability attires. Guarda is different from other wallets as it doesn’t reserve any client data, private keys and wallet information. The private key of your walled is stored in your device’s memory and if you log out your wallet then it will delete automatically. One of the best features of this wallet is that it empowers you to transfer your assets from one coin to another without any registration, and tough verification process.

Bottom lines

These are the best IOTA wallets to safeguard your holdings and  I hope you can easily choose the best one for you. If you want to know about any specific wallet like for Bitcoin wallet or any other then let us know below in the comment area. Also, share with us if you want to suggest us any specific IOTA wallet. Stay connected with Cryptopostgazette for more crypto news.

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