A new cyber attack is spreading

A new cyberattack hit Ukraine on Tuesday, affecting the operation of Odessa airport, and Russia where several online media were concerned, four months after the global cyber attack NotPetya, which had started in these two countries.

“It seems that we are facing a new epidemic,” said the Russian company specialized in IT security Group-IB, in a statement.

Called Bad Rabbit, this computer virus shows on the screen of infected computers a ransom of 300 dollars to pay with the virtual currency Bitcoin, according to the same source.

“A number of public institutions and strategic sites in Ukraine” as well as Russian media are among its victims, the statement said.

In Ukraine, the computer attack included the airport Odessa (south), told AFP Evgueni Goukov, head of public relations at Group-IB.

“The computer system at Odessa International Airport has been hit by a cyberattack,” airport officials said in a statement, citing “slowdowns” in service delivery.

For its part, the Kiev metro has said it does not accept the payment by credit cards temporarily, without however mentioning any attack.

“In Russia, at least three media outlets have been affected, including the Interfax news agency and Fontanka.ru,” the main news site in St. Petersburg, Gukov said.

For its part, the Russian company Kaspersky Lab, which specializes in computer security, said that the attack affected not only Russia and Ukraine, but also Turkey and Germany.

“Most of the victims of the attack are in Russia. We also see similar attacks in Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, but their number is much lower, “said Kaspersky Lab, in a statement sent to AFP, stating that the virus” spreads via infected Russian sites “.

The authors of the attack “use methods that resemble” those used in the NotPetya attack, “but we can not confirm a link” between the two, the statement said.

In late June, a “ransomware” cyber attack, caused by the NotPetya computer virus that had started in Russia and Ukraine, had affected thousands of computers around the world.

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