5 best Altcoin exchange: Where and how to buy Altcoin guide

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Are you looking for the next gem? The next cryptocurrency that likes Bitcoin and Ether before it can see a massive rise when time is right?

Look, we all want to find the next altcoin that will see a rise in the likes of Bitcoin or Ether before it. Or like Ripple XRP, Binance Coin and others.

So doing our research into this area. Comparing blockchain projects. Trying to find out what value each blockchain brings and what usage each cryptocurrency of that blockchain provides.

There are ton of new exciting altcoins and cryptocurrencies to invest in. But how you do pick a winner? Well doing research, trying to understand each project is vital. Then you can engage with the rest of the crypto community, or rely on a top list for that (one example).

But that is only part of the puzzle. Because when the time is right we also need to be able to act fast, and buy these altcoin from a trustworthy exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange that will handle the pressure, and one that won’t exit with all our funds like Bitgrail or QuadrigaCX.

So with that point in mind I wanted to share my list of my favourite altcoin exchanges to use.

I have selected these based on my past experience using them and on a few additional aspects.

Such as:

  • Ease of use – Is this exchange easy for beginners to experts alike to use?
  • Security – Can I trust that my funds are safe while using this exchange?
  • Trading volume – Does this exchange have enough trading volume for my coins that I want to buy or sell?

Based on these three main requirements I have made my personal list of five different cryptocurrency exchanges that fits these requirements and scores highly.

Note this is my list, based on my experiences. So others might have other favourites. And it is a list of only five cryptocurrency exchanges so it can’t list all the good crypto exchanges in the world!

5 best exchanges to buy altcoins from

Please note that this is not a ranking list where #1 is better than #2 and #3, etc. It is a list of my 5 favourite exchanges to use for buying altcoins in no specific order.

1 ) Binance

Number one on my list is Binance. And for me Binance deserves to be on this list for a number of reasons:

  1. It has one of the best selections of altcoins by all exchanges
  2. It has one of the best trading volumes, not only for Bitcoin and Ethereum but also for less known and popular altcoins
  3. It is full of useful features, such as staking, lending, fiat gateway, etc

So for me any top list of cryptocurrency exchanges could include Binance. And when you compare exchanges based on usefulness for buying altcoins it definitely deserves to be on it I believe.

2 ) KuCoin

The second on my list is KuCoin. For the people that were around in 2017 KuCoin was often the go-to alternatives together with others on this list to buy altcoins and coins or tokens that just got listed after their ICO funding campaign finished.

Because it was one of the exchanges that quickly listed new altcoins it became quickly popular with the crypto community.

Here we could go for a quick investment in the new altcoin with tons of promise and potential.

It managed overall well to deal with the increased interest and volume. And today it is one of the more popular exchanges. Partly due to their wide selection of coins but also for other features such as soft staking.

3 ) Bittrex

Third on this list is the U.S based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. It, like the others above, has tons of altcoins listed on it. In fact, it has one of the biggest selections of cryptos by all exchanges.

Add to that a fiat gateway and strong security features in place. Making this one of the more trusted cryptocurrency exchanges by all.

It doesn’t have the same trading volume as Binance. But as long as your trading volume isn’t for any huge sums that won’t cause you any massive issues. You might need to wait longer for your trades to complete. Or use market orders if in a hurry.

4 ) Huobi

Fourth on my list is Singapore based exchange Huobi. This exchange has been around since 2013 and is today one of the more reputable Asian cryptocurrency exchanges.

They provide a wide range of altcoins and tokens listed on their site. And here you can trade using a reliable site or app.

Huobi has over 60+ markets. And trading pairs for BTC, ETH, HT (their own token Huobi Token), HUSD (a stablecoin from Huobi), USDT.

5 ) OKEx

And last out on our list is OKEx. This Asian exchange has lots of altcoins listed on its site. And with a user-friendly exchange that is easy to use for both beginners and seasoned traders.

OKEx is full of handy features for easy spot trading, margin trading and fiat gateways.

You can buy cryptos directly from the site using many of the world’s local fiat currencies. Other handy features of OKEx is margin trading, futures trading and even a DEX (Decentralise Exchange). You can trade directly via their online version, or using the apps.


Ok so that is my take of some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges to use for buying altcoins. Do you agree? Or do you have some other favourites?

When it comes to researching exchanges I think it’s important to go by my suggested categories; trading volume, security, and UX.

This will help you find an exchange that you can trust, has enough trading volume to facilitate the trades you want to make and is easy enough for you to use.

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